Our Partners

CEVAW - Coalition to End Violence Against Women
CEVAW is a collective voice of organizations from the Niagara Region that is working toward ending violence against women by raising public awareness, educating, sharing information, networking and identifying and breaking down systematic barriers that perpetuate violence. Gillian’s Place is a proud member of CEVAW. Gillian’s Place takes an active role at CEVAW to promote a coordinated systematic response to Violence Against Women. The Executive Director of Gillian's Place currently sits as vice-chair of the committee.

Family and Children Services of Niagara
We have both a collaboration agreement with FACS and a protocol stating how our services are to work together to support abused women with children.
The partnership is very strong and we receive many referrals from FACS. We have currently just initiated a pilot project to provide a full-time domestic violence advocate to FACS who will work with their first response team to provide expertise and support for domestic violence cases.

Niagara Regional Police Services
We work closely with NRPS and have a working protocol in place. We receive numerous referrals and our staff lawyer is in daily contact to ensure women are treated appropriately and abusive men are held accountable through the criminal justice system. We also serve on many joint committees to advocate for better systemic response in the criminal justice system.

The following is a list of our partnerships and collaborations specific to legal services.

Domestic Violence Court Advisory Committee
Addresses legal systemic issues and involves police, victim witness, crown attorneys, FACS lawyer and probation.

DVERS (Domestic Violence Emergency Response System)
Reviews cases of woman abuse where the woman is at high risk for bodily harm including murder from an ex-partner. Extra security precautions and alarms are installed.

St. Catharines Liaison & Resource Committee for Family Court

Legal Advisory Committee to Niagara Child and Youth Services
Advises regarding supervised visitation and access program.

Membership in Law Society of Upper Canada

Membership in St. Catharines Family Law Group
Educates and advocates for abused women’s rights

Membership in Lincoln County Law Assoc.
Educates and advocates for abused women’s rights

Community Partnership and Collaborations

Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP)
We have a protocol in place that defines the roles and responsibilities of each agency. We also work very collaboratively to ensure women are safe and victims receive the appropriate support.

Niagara Victim Crisis Support Program
We work actively together to ensure safety and support for victims of domestic violence. We provide training on domestic violence each time a new group of volunteers is trained.

Information Niagara-Interpretive Services
We work in partnership to ensure a woman has Interpreter services to communicate.

Niagara Regional Housing
We have both a Memorandum of Understanding to support the deepening of the positive cross sectoral relationships and a protocol to ensure abused women receive assistance in connecting with community supports and find and maintain housing on a special priority basis. This understanding also promotes strategic and integrative cross systems planning.

Extreme Weather Alert
We participate as part of community coordinated response in the Extreme Weather Alert protocol to ensure homeless and vulnerable people are protected during severe weather

Niagara Women’s Enterprise Centre
A partnership agreement has been established between our agencies to support abused women in pre-employment support and training. This is a grant project for 2 years which has just been extended for a third year.

Women’s Place of South Niagara
We have a strategic alliance with WPSN and staff work across the full spectrum of our agencies work together.



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